A guide to building your remote team [Ebook]

Stella Soon
Stella Soon
July 30, 2020

Rising demand for tech and tech skills

The demand for tech talent is rising as we move firmly into the digital age. Companies need people trained in cloud engineering, cybersecurity, and automation. Talent with these tech skills help companies speed up labour-intensive processes and set up adequate software measures for work-from-home practices.

But there are barriers to hiring the tech talent you need in Singapore. Being able to afford these developers and tech talent, especially for startups, might be a financial nightmare. Singapore’s talent pool is also small, leading to the government launching Tech@SG in 2019 to better endorse companies and individuals in hiring tech talent.

Remote hiring could be your solution

So what do we do when we need new hires, but the local talent pool is too small? This is where remote hiring comes in.

Put simply, a remote team is a working group, either tech or non-tech, that work in other parts of the world separate from the home office or base of operations.

This ebook will take you through how to build your tech team by hiring remotely, including the pros and cons, strategies to strengthen your remote teams, and advice straight from the experts themselves.

Read more about how companies like Carousell and and Grab Indonesia have been remotely hiring.

Why do remote hiring?

The process of building a successful remote team has to be well thought out and executed. It may be tough from the get go as both members and managers take time to familiarize themselves to a new work routine. But the access to top talent, more productive employees, and ability to keep your company operational across 24 hours will pay off in your company’s operations and bottom line.

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Can you manage a remote team?

This ebook also delves into how you may efficiently drive a remote team, given its physical constraints. Learning to check in with team members consistently and utilising platforms for productivity could be the key to making your remote work, work. Find out more important tips by filling in the form below, where you’ll gain immediate access to the e-book.

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Glints TalentHub- a one-stop offshoring solution

Glints TalentHub is an end-to-end offshoring initiative by Glints to help Singapore companies expand their teams in an easy and cost-effective manner.

Once you have decided that remote hiring is the best plan for your business, Glints is here for you from step one. Simply head over to employers.glints.sg/managed-talent to discover the world of offshoring today.

Ultimately, the process of building a successful remote team has to be well thought out and executed.

To start building your remote team, contact us for a free consultation and we will do our best to help.

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