Asia’s diverse talent pool – Vietnam [Ebook]

Stella Soon
Stella Soon
October 20, 2020

The Vietnam talent pool is highly educated. Vietnam has 250 universities which train 50,000+ students every year.

According to the worldwide PISA 2018 results, Vietnam ranks #4 in science, #13 in reading, and #24 in Math.

That means the Vietnam talent pool is intelligent. So it’s a great place to hire offshore talent for your company. What other areas are they strong in? Read to the end to download the full ebook and find out.

Stay tuned for part 3 of this ebook series about the talent pool in Taiwan.

Strengths of the Vietnam talent pool

Vietnam is a hotbed for engineering talent. Vietnam had the 10th highest number of engineering, manufacturing, and construction graduates worldwide in 2015.

The Vietnamese are an enterprising bunch too. Just look at the Southeast Asian country’s thriving startup ecosystem.

Vietnam is seeing “a generation of eager entrepreneurs laser-focused on tapping into the limitless possibilities at hand.”

-Tech In Asia (Nov 2019)

Tech is also another strong suit of the Vietnamese talent pool. Vietnam produces 80,000 IT university graduates yearly. 

Also, many of them are young. 53.2% of developers are aged between 20-29. More than half of them are based in Ho Chi Minh and have less than 3 years of experience. 

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Vietnam’s potential as offshoring hub

Vietnam was ranked the 5th most attractive country for offshore business services in 2019. That’s because of its financial attractiveness, people skills, availability, business & political environment, and digital resonance.

One way to hire offshore talent is through Glints TalentHub.

Glints TalentHub is an end-to-end offshoring initiative by Glints to help Singapore companies expand their teams.

We can connect you with top Vietnamese talent to unlock new growth for your company.

Download the ebook to find out more about this talent pool and how offshoring to Vietnam can help your company!

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