How Novocall used Glints to hire their two interns

Hazel Teng
Hazel Teng
July 13, 2018

Novocall is a web callback solution that proactively converts web visitors into call leads, anywhere in the world. This guest post was written by one of its co-founders, Huang Jing Jie, to share more about how Novocall used Glints for hiring interns. Read more about it below!

As a new startup, we need to do everything. From sales to product development to finance, the list is endless. Thus, hiring additional (and good) employees is vital to easing the operations of the team and enhancing the startup. To run a lean operation, we decided that hiring interns was a good way to keep our burn rate low. Internships also doubled as a probationary period to discover talents that might make outstanding long-term employees.

1. How did Novocall discover Glints? 

In the midst of our intern-hiring efforts, we naturally thought of Glints. Despite the plethora of job and internship portals out there, Glints’ startup-centric approach appealed to us greatly. As past students ourselves, we knew many classmates who used Glints to find startup internships that greatly differed in experience from internships at traditional companies. When we found ourselves on the other side of the fence, going ahead with Glints was a natural inclination.

2. What positions did Novocall post & who did we hire?

We posted two positions – back-end web development intern & marketing intern. In the span of one month, I hired Guek Ling, our developer intern, and Gary, our marketing intern. They are still currently with us!

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3. What tips (dos and don’ts) would I give to employers who are already using Glints to find the best candidates?

Make your job description (JD) as descriptive as possible! As we have a casual work culture here at Novocall, I didn’t shy away from showcasing that in my job description. I used casual language, including contractions, abbreviations and acronyms (nothing too complex!) to describe our company and job responsibilities to show that we were a chill bunch! Here’s ours as a sample.

Another tip I’d like to give would be to structure your JD. It makes for easy reading and allows your JD to stand out. I unintentionally structured my job description into different points as I am mildly OCD (fastidious would be a better term) when it comes to writing. As it turned out, my intern later told me that one of the reasons she applied for the position was because my JD looked good and was easy to read.

Reach out as much as possible – I found promoting your available positions in multiple channels to be really useful as more eyeballs usually mean more applications. For my hiring process, I didn’t just post on internship portals but also on my personal LinkedIn and company’s Facebook page. This allowed the people in my circle to know that we’re hiring. They might have known friends who were looking for internships. One of our best interns came from a friend’s recommendation!

Lastly, do a phone screening before asking candidates to come down for an interview. As a startup, we do not have multiple interview rounds with different departments, so the first interview is usually the main interview that decides whether a candidate gets offered. To ensure you do not waste time interviewing too many candidates, a prior phone interview allows you to do further screening aside from the basic resume vet.

4. What did Novocall like about the experience?

I loved the process of setting up the job positions. It was fuss-free, and the UI was more aesthetically pleasing as compared to the more traditional portals out there.

5. How did Novocall’s hires feel about the Glints portal?

One of our interns, Gary Soong, said “Glints is easy to use and gives the users a guided process when applying for an internship. Glints also has the ability to provide you with information on your application status.”

6. Which other portals did Novocall use for hiring interns?

Aside from Glints, I used InternSG to hunt for interns. To be honest, there were a lot more internship hunters on InternSG; I received more applications there than from Glints. However, the quality of candidates from Glints was better. My two hires from Glints says it all!

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