Glints Academy: a solution to the current tech talent drought

Lydia Gan
Lydia Gan
November 12, 2020
Glints Academy: a solution to the current tech talent drought

Deepening drought of tech-related skills

The tech skills drought was highlighted in Gartner’s 2019 Emerging Risks Survey as the top emerging risk. 

The effects of Covid-19 have pushed many companies to digitization, such as embracing new technology to provide digital channels of engagement as well as encourage remote working. In addition, the tech industry has been poised to face struggles in finding employees from as early as 2016. Gartner’s study revealed that the lack of tech talent is “the single biggest issue standing in the way of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) achieving their objectives.” 

 A joint report by Singapore Temasek Group and Google indicated that pressing a lack of homegrown tech talent is the most critical problem Internet startups in Southeast Asia struggle with. For the local economy, this means that the industry has turned to China or India to find skilled workers. 

Organizations that are able to incorporate modern IT architecture have an advantage. However, the increasing demand for IT skills combined with scarcity leads to a bigger drought for tech skills within the field. 

So how should you fill the gap? Read on below to find out.  

Glints fills the tech skills gap between employers and job-seekers 

Glints Academy is a solution by Glints to fill the tech needs in your company by searching for and producing candidates with demonstrated aptitude- whether or not they possess a degree in the technological field. 

While a degree signifies that the candidate is able to work hard, fulfill their tasks and apply themselves to the role; it is not the ultimate indicator of success or suitability for the role. Glints Academy produces candidates who are workplace-ready and qualified for tech roles. 

Glints Academy students who attend the Portfolio Building Program can choose from 3 different courses: backend, frontend and mobile. Within these 3 areas, they learn the related frameworks and eventually build a viable product. At the end of the program, students will walk away with these important tech skills:

Glints Academy graduates will gain these skills to increase their potential as tech talent

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About Glints Academy

“Innovative, supportive and community driven.” 

When asked to describe Glints Academy in three words, this is what May, the Education Lead of Glints Academy, responds with no hesitation. 

The Academy provides tech training to applicants of any background and experience level. Candidates can choose between the 9-week Career Exploration component, which explores coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and Node.js; or the 12-week Portfolio Building component. The latter, an intensive bootcamp, gears towards object-oriented programming, unit testing. It also provides career support in the form of talks, individual CV reviews and technical interview practices. 

Candidates may also choose to take part in both programs consecutively. They will be able to incorporate coding knowledge with career support and guidance for the most effective career development progress. 

May shared how the job market in Singapore and Indonesia has many vacancies in the tech industry. Despite many young people who are job-seeking, candidates lack certain skills to land these jobs. Glints Academy addresses these gaps by educating participants with important foundational knowledge in coding and computer programming while giving them direction and confidence in navigating various career paths. 

“The Academy courses are extremely practical, as they expose students to the preparation and hands-on experience they need. Candidates have a much better grasp of the job market and are able to upgrade and showcase their skillset in the various projects within Glints Academy. 
Candidates walk away not only with deeper knowledge and experience in coding, but also clearer direction and confidence to navigate new roles and careers.”
– May, Education Lead (Glints Academy)

Currently in Indonesia and Singapore, the biggest needs lie in the tech industry. Glint Academy’s focus is on placing students through TalentHub and TalentHunt to help employers land the right talent for their company. 

Find out more about Glints Academy here.

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Words from Glints Academy mentors

Alvian, the Technical Curriculum Lead in Glints Academy, commented on the qualities that the students demonstrate during bootcamp:

“Their passion, dedication, and perseverance definitely shine, especially on the last leg of the Academy, where they’re required to build a marketable product all on their own.”

“Academy alumni who have been through the program are equipped with the skills to build real marketable products. Real-life engineers guide students to focus on the business as well as user perspective for the product.”
– Alvian, Technical Curriculum Lead (Glints Academy)

Testimony from Glints Academy alumni

Michael Pandean, alumni of Glints Academy, shared how he had the chance to deepen his understanding of algorithms and data structure through bootcamp.

“Those are the most important concepts to grasp in programming. I also learnt problem-solving abilities in translating solutions to digital and tech-ready ones.”
– Michael Pandean, Glints Academy Batch 5

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