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Out with the old, in with the new

Traditional hiring methods don’t always meet the needs for tech talent. To deal with that, some companies have adopted unique recruitment methods. One of these ways is going global and offshoring talent in Nongsa Digital Park.

About Nongsa Digital Park

Batam’s Nongsa Digital Park is a coworking office space with an environment friendly space to tech companies and start-ups. Its’ size is slightly bigger than Singapore Botanic Gardens and is supported by the Singapore and Indonesian governments, including the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB).

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Currently, The Park is communicating with six international data centre operators and over 80 companies in search of new tenants. Meanwhile companies like LiquidPay have already started their investments (LiquidPay is the Digital Park’s second tenant.) In the midst of the search, the cashless payment start-up now has a team of 24 tech talents working on new cashless and mobile payment systems. It’s indeed an optimistic start to the start-up’s growth.

Why offshore to Nongsa?

This ebook explains how to offshore work to the Digital Park in Indonesia and take advantage of:

  • Indonesia’s high quality talent pool: it is the 4th most populated country in the world, with 1.4 million people residing in Batam showing its untapped pool of talent
  • Cost-effective hiring: compared to places like Jakarta and Yogykarta which are more competitive, hiring talent is less expensive in Batam
  • The Digital Park has many resources that allow a tech community to flourish; think international data centre, startup indicator, and lodging options
  • Social activities and community upskilling initiatives in the digital park

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Download Mini Ebook: Batam Nongsa Digital Park

This ebook introduces Batam’s Nongsa Digital Park and why it’s an attractive offshoring destination for companies.

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