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Key job roles for growth

There are a few key job roles that every company needs for growth. That includes growth in revenue, sales, and profit. 

Company growth is one of the important benchmarks of success, so all startup/SME founders should monitor it and work toward bigger growth targets. But the real question is how to achieve it.

One way is to hire staff with specialised roles that can improve productivity and revenue in the long run. 

Start with these 4 roles. They’re often overlooked in companies, but people with these skills will help your business soar to greater heights with big data, business, and effective management. 

This article is a preview of these key job roles, but you’ll read more in our full ebook. Keep reading to find out how to download it!

1. Data analysts/ data scientists

Data analysts and data scientists use statistics, coding, and business knowledge to achieve business goals. But their roles in the company are a bit different.

Overall, both roles use data to value-add to customer experience and customise it to their needs. This increases revenue.

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2. Supply chain managers

Here’s what supply chain managers do daily:

  • Oversee process of obtaining raw materials
  • Deliver raw materials to appropriate business functions
  • Oversee production timeline and ensure demand is met
  • Deliver finished products to clients/next-stage manufacturers

3. Business development executives

Business development (BD) executives come up with growth strategies and execute them to increase the company’s revenue.

Hiring an offshore BD executive can be a plus for your company. That’s because of their knowledge about overseas markets, global perspectives, and availability to offer flexible meeting times with overseas leads.

4. Product managers

Some call product managers the “CEO of the product”. They develop the strategy, plan, timeline, and unique selling points for products. Then, they lead cross-departmental teams in ideation and execution.

Through the discussion and ideation process, product managers develop differentiated products that enhance customers’ product experience. This will build competitive advantage for the company and increase revenue.

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