3 misunderstandings about offshore hiring2 min read

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The trend of hiring people to work from an overseas country has increased amid the rise of technology. This is called “offshore hiring” or “offshoring”.

Offshoring has many benefits for companies. Many companies offshore for a cheaper headcount cost, larger high-quality talent pool, and global expansion. Unfortunately, not all employers are familiar with offshoring. These are the three most common misunderstandings about it:

1. Offshore hiring = Outsourcing

People often think that offshoring is the same as outsourcing.

Fact: Offshore hiring is a different type of outsourcing. Offshoring is when you hire people overseas to work for your company from their origin country. There are two types of offshore hiring: outsourcing and out-staffing.

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2. You can only hire offshore IT talent

Some believe that you can only offshore hire tech-related positions.

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Fact: Tech talents are currently the most popular talent for offshoring. But you can offshore any position that does not require direct face-to-face interaction with other team members or clients. These are some of the non-tech positions that are hired under offshoring service Glints TalentHub:

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3. Offshore hiring has a higher security risk than hiring locally

Employers often misunderstand that offshoring has a higher security risk on the company, as compared to hiring talent locally.

Fact: Offshore hiring has almost the same security risk as local hiring. Of course, it must be managed correctly. Here are some tips on how to minimise the risks:

  • Use an out-staffing system.
  • Have a third party manage your offshore employees.
  • Specify an agreement clause to include data property, intelligence property, and non-disclosure.

Employers who work with Glints are involved in recruiting the right offshore talents and onboarding them. They will also have direct access to their employees. Glints also provides employers with an account manager to help manage their talents.

These are the three most common misunderstandings about offshoring. If you are interested in offshore hiring or want to find out more about it, you can visit the Glints website or schedule a consultation with us here.