How FWD Insurance quickly hired 3 full-stack developers by offshoring to Indonesia via TalentHub4 min read

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Offshoring to Indonesia – FWD Insurance’s journey

Ever felt the full force of hiring headaches? FWD Insurance can probably relate. We’ve compiled a case study detailing FWD’s story. The company initially lacked affordable, skilled tech talent in Singapore, but eventually solved this problem by offshoring to Indonesia.

Company profile

FWD Insurance is a global insurance firm that aims to provide group and business insurance solutions across Asia through technology.

The Singapore office was built in April 2016, and its direct-to-consumer business later launched in September. FWD constantly develops new solutions for its extensive customer base, with the goal of helping clients worldwide embrace every day without fear.

The hurdle: skill demands and competitive salaries

FWD Insurance was struggling to source for local talent in Singapore – and not just any local talent. They were on the hunt for full stack developers within their salary budget.

FWD’s initial solution to this problem was to enlist the help of local headhunters and recruitment firms in Singapore. Unfortunately, FWD’s potential candidates either fell short in terms of their skills or asked for a salary out of the company’s budget. What’s more, these local recruitment firms were only looking at the local pool of candidates. That limited FWD’s options.

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Another added problem was that FWD’s Singapore office only had a limited number of spots for staff in the country. Eventually, FWD Insurance knew that it had to find a way around this limitation and go global.

Partnering with Glints TalentHub and offshoring to Indonesia

In early March 2018, FWD Insurance made the decision to step things up. The team approached Glints TalentHub for help in offshoring to Indonesia.

TalentHub is the arm of Glints that seeks to help companies and startups build strategic tech teams in Nongsa Digital Park, Batam. If you haven’t considered offshoring to Indonesia, you will now.

FWD worked closely with Hendra, from Glints, who was quick to act once the problem was presented. Through Glints TalentHub, FWD could scour for suitable hires from Indonesia. Three full-stack developer positions were filled within two months!

On the team’s newfound capabilities after hiring through TalentHub

“We’re able to handle more projects and a greater amount of work. There are constant changes in the economic landscape; we can be more agile and responsive towards new technical demands now.” – Rianto, FWD

Ease of mind with candidates abroad

FWD’s Rianto cited the following reasons that offshoring to Indonesia worked out well for the company:

  1. Hires in Indonesia were more affordable when compared to Singapore
  2. The high quality of their tech hires from Indonesia
  3. Indonesia’s proximity to Singapore – no timezone headaches
  4. Most of the administrative paperwork was handled fully by Glints TalentHub

The finish line: finding the exact candidates they needed

Since confirming their three new hires, FWD Insurance is benefitting greatly from the added resources thanks to TalentHub’s efficiency. FWD’s representatives noted that their TalentHub hires have a high performance rate and excel alongside the Singapore team. Talk about finding the perfect match.

Instead of scouring the local market with competitive salaries and limited talent pool, FWD opened up a new door to growth by looking beyond Singapore’s shores.

And speaking of finding awesome hires, here’s a quick profile and interview with one of FWD’s developers.

Meet the developer: FWD’s system analyst, Harsanto

Name: Harsanto
Age: 21
Role at FWD: System Analyst

Prior to working for FWD, what were you doing?

A: I was working as a software developer at a software house company, Dreamsmart.

What tasks are you performing for FWD in your current role?

A: I mainly work with the company to build and improve FWD’s current website. I also help to grow the business through building APIs and improving its front end.

What are you able to do now as a developer that you couldn’t do before prior to joining FWD?

A: I think the most important thing I’ve learned is how to properly design and integrate a complex and solid system. I’ve also learned how to think long-term. I have had many opportunities to design applications that are not only flexible but are able to grow and scale with the company. I have the chance to design systems that make people’s lives much easier.

What are your long-term plans, career-wise?

A: I wish to improve myself and become more than just a developer. I hope the experience and knowledge gained at FWD will help me realise my own dream of starting a company sometime in the future.

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