What do fresh graduates in Singapore look for in their first job?5 min read

fresh graduates in singapore

Eager, hungry, and hopeful – these are the words often used to describe fresh graduates, no matter where they come from. Fresh graduates are a group of youths who are finally leaving school and academia behind. They’re likely looking forward to their futures – and all you towkays and hiring managers are probably scratching your collective head to a pressing question: just what do fresh graduates in Singapore look for their first ever professional gig? 

We have a few ideas about what these guys are looking for. Knowing what fresh grads want will help you to tailor your hiring efforts better. Ready to jump into it?

What fresh graduates in Singapore really, really want

fresh graduates in singapore1. Fresh graduates in Singapore crave work-life balance

Fresh graduates in Singapore are filled with zest and a never-say-die spirit – but even superheroes have their downtime. The Avengers have shawarma, Superman has Lois, and your shiny new grads have social circles and family members they want to be able to see. Yes, that means their pets, too.

If you’re able to offer them a job that comes with space and time for proper R&R, then great! Fresh grads can appreciate a thoughtful employer and will flock to you like bees to honey. No matter how fat their paycheck is, it won’t trump their desire for true balance.

2. Being paid what they’re worth

While we’re on the subject of money, fresh graduates in Singapore are concerned about earning enough for themselves and their families. While you do run the risk of encountering a millennial asking for way too much, try putting yourself in their shoes for a moment.

The cost of living in Singapore is higher than ever. Even bak chor mee is not as cheap as it used to be, and we’re hurting over it. Millennials are pressured to keep up with this standard while also thinking about their loved ones, and are more than willing to go the extra mile for you.

They’re going to bring you real value. Why not meet them halfway?

3. Chances to level up

Fresh graduates in Singapore don’t want to remain in the #funemployment club forever. Likewise, after securing a job, they’ll be looking to the future and wondering about what’s next. If you think a millennial is going to sit quietly in their cubicle and work the same job for the next twenty years, you’re either going to burn them out or watch them leave after a hasty resignation.

Let’s not take these young professionals for granted. Invest in them and give them opportunities to progress and be promoted. They are the future, after all.

4. Fresh graduates in Singapore hope for mentors/Jedi Masters

Good employers commit to their development. Mentorship and coaching opportunities will help fresh graduates in Singapore and millennials feel more secure in their new jobs. This is even more crucial if it’s their first stint as a professional. Don’t let them drown and throw them a lifeline. Mentors will make your fresh grads feel more at home and more taken care of, and ensure that they’re really learning and growing. Win-win!

5. Training opportunities will attract your fresh graduates

Fresh grads hope to apply classroom knowledge in the real world. Don’t hold back your new hires but let them learn on the go. Allow them to take on challenges and problems outside of their comfort zones. If you can promise your millennial candidate a job experience filled with lots of development and progression in terms of skills and knowledge, then you’re one step closer to securing their commitment to you.

6. A long-term vision

Fresh graduates aren’t the self-absorbed, lazy millennials you might think they are. They’re not into short-term stuff, either, and instead want a job that promises something long-term and worthwhile. If you don’t have a vision to share with them and get them onboard, then your company will be just another fruitless pursuit.

Ain’t nobody got time for that. Think broadly and make plans with them for the future. Assure them that you’ve got your back, and that they’re definitely going somewhere with this. Make them see that working with you is a meaningful venture. They’ll sign right up.

7. An unforgettable brand

Just like Google and Facebook, companies with great branding and lots of presence in the market are more likely to hire fresh graduates in Singapore. You want to be a unique voice in your industry and wow the crowds with what you’ve been doing. One shining example is Circles.Life and its very bold publicity campaigns since entering the market.

A fresh grad will want to join a company with an inclusive culture, awesome perks, and chances to really have fun on the job. They won’t just settle for any employer – they want an employer that can engage them and keep them hooked. Is that going to be you?

Times are changing, and millennials are filling up the market. If you want to hire fresh graduates in Singapore, then really keep an ear to the ground and get to know your target audience. You need to know what they’re looking for before you can give it to them. How else will you meet your hiring goals for the year, and how else will your company grow?

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