Southeast Asia Salary Guide 2020 [Ebook]

Stella Soon
Stella Soon
July 3, 2020

“What is the salary range you are offering for this role?”

You may come across the above question from potential hires during the final stages of an interview. How should you answer? What are the regional averages for the salary of that role? This ebook will give you a helpful guide to salaries in the tech industries in 2020.

Southeast Asia outlook

The Internet economy is growing at breakneck speeds. It is projected to hit US$177 billion according to a report by Google and Temasek. Big tech unicorns have hired 100,000 highly-skilled professionals in the region. Behind the scenes of this economy are the professionals and tech unicorns, a talent pool that grows by 10% per year.

It is the time to tap into the Southeast Asian tech pool. In Hong Kong, some of the most sought after positions by companies are full stack developers, software engineers, frontend developers, and mobile developers. The languages that are most in demand include Javascript, Python, SQL server, and native mobile app development.

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Glints’ comprehensive salary guide

Do you know the average salaries of these positions and more in the tech industry? Or simply curious about how much these roles are typically renumerated? This e-book gives you a gauge as to how much employers are paying to hire for professionals in 6 areas:

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Build a global team, fuss-free

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