Hiring tips for all seniority levels from Glints’ talent acquisition staff

Stella Soon
Stella Soon
July 7, 2020

2023 brings new hiring opportunities for employers to find skilled talent — from junior roles all the way up to senior management positions. But how can you make the right pick? Copywriting for effective job descriptions is not the only way to do that. Here are some useful hiring tips from our talent acquisition team to fill positions of all seniority levels.

Hiring tips for all seniority levels:


Listen closely to the candidate’s tone during the first screening interview. You can sense a potential talent’s attitude even through a 15-20min Whatsapp voice call. Use your gut instinct here.

Also, candidates who are interested tend to show up on time for interviews, be it online or face-to-face. Some even go the extra mile by being there early.

Cultural fit

Identify some key aspects of your company culture. Then think about what kind of person will thrive in such an environment. Or, figure out what qualities your best employees have in common. 

Maybe your company is a fast-moving startup. Then your ideal candidate might be someone who’s agile and open to learning new things. They probably also have a beginner’s mindset. 

Don’t forget, hiring is a two-way street. Share your company’s culture with the candidate too, so they can figure out if they’re a good fit. 


Understand why the candidate is looking for new opportunities. Also, test their knowledge about the company. This is to know if they’re genuine about their application. 

Fresh graduates

Fresh graduates may not have full-time work experience to share about. But they can talk about their involvement in school projects, extracurricular activities, and internships. 

Look out for transferable soft skills like initiative, grit, and resilience. That will be a good indication of their cultural fit. 

Junior level  

Hiring for junior-level (associate) positions needs to be more holistic. At Glints, candidates go through 2 interview stages. These interviews measure their technical abilities and soft skills like grit and adaptability. It shows how they face tasks on a professional and personal level. 

Doing reference checks for junior-level positions is useful too. These checks align what candidates say about themselves with the perspectives of their direct reports and peers. It helps confirm that you’re making the right hire. 

Senior positions

Hiring for senior positions tends to be more difficult. Talent acquisition staff sometimes turn to headhunting instead.

The suggested procedure is: 

  1. Connect with the candidate online
  2. Ask if they are currently open to new opportunities
  3. Ask if they’re interested in developing their career from their current job
  4. If yes, schedule a call to introduce your company and understand each other better
  5. If they’re interested, request their resume and begin the hiring process

At Glints, candidates for senior positions go through 3 interview stages to identify true ‘A Players’. Some important qualities to look out for are:

Clarity of thought

Look out for the whys and hows. Good candidates should be able to share coherently why they’re interested in this position. They should also share how they came to certain strategic decisions in their current job.

Long-term growth mindset

You want a candidate who wants to grow with the company in the long run, not someone who only aims to pass their probation period. ‘Long run’ could sound different for each company. For a leadership position, we recommend 2 years and above. 


A personality test will tell you about the candidate’s leadership style. This is important if you’re hiring for a managerial role. For example, you may want to hire a dominant marketing manager with a sense of urgency to meet KPIs quickly.  

One of the most important hiring tips

Score all your candidates on a numerical scoresheet. Rank them from 1-4 in terms of their technical skills, culture fit, intelligence, resourcefulness, integrity, and other qualities your company prioritizes. 

This way, you can keep track of all of your candidates and easily retrieve their information to move on to the next stage. Take the first step to building a solid team and propel your company’s future stage of growth!

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